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What is an umbrella doing in our studio as we started filming the Come Follow Me Isaiah Series this week?



The Pickerings book on Daniel' numbers is now being published. Many of you voted, so check out Ep. 36 Come Follow Me Video, where Rhonda announces their new book name!

Don't miss the last Episode (below) on PSALMS 102-150. There is SO MUCH MEAT!

Here are more pictures from our trip, thanks to our dear mother, almost 94 years old!

CONGRATS to the Winners of our Guessing Game for where we travelled the first of August:

1 - Ingrid Kuang

2 - Amy Hart

3 - Jan Nelson

It was the picture of the UPPER ROOM at the Red Brick Store in NAUVOO, ILL. (on the right below) that brought correct guesses. What happened there that most people don't know? Many people may have heard that the first sealings were performed there, but our guide Buddy Youngreen, was able to prove to the First Presidency, that Joseph and Emma were sealed in Eternal Marriage there too!  

A photo of the 
book cover in the middle, is an effort Nancy spent 5 months working with her mother and Gracia Jones (the first of Joseph and Emma Smith's descendants to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) to finish as a gift to all Joseph Sr and Lucy Mack Smith 50th REUNION family members. Mike then had a short time to format the book and put all our beautiful pictures and Aerial photos in it from our previous tour that went through Nauvoo and other Smith Family sites. There were 13 people attending this historic Family Reunion who had attended both the 1st and the 50th Smith Family Reunions! Nancy, her mother and her brother were among them. We felt so grateful to have this special time with our dear Smith family of the Restoration! Nancy's mother commissioned 2 new beautiful paintings of Lucy & Emma (on the cover).

Nancy's grandfather, Rulon Morgan, was the keeper of the original Nauvoo keys, so it was also beautiful to have all her 10 siblings, spouses and friends together (with perhaps her father and oldest sister on the other side of the veil) in attendance for a Nauvoo Temple Session. Their family gifted the Church with 6 of the original keys, which are in a case inside the Nauvoo Temple, at the end of the hallway to the left of the entrance.  


We met so many amazing people, and many whom were like family to us already. There is too much to tell, but maybe, we may by some miracle, be able to share all the filming we did, of hidden tombs, unknown histories, and more about our wonderful pioneer families who sacrificed so poignantly, for the coming forth of our Savior's Great Work and a Wonder in our day!


Nancy's Mother with Commissioned Art of Lucy Mack and Emma Smith by Brittany Dangerfield.

Nancy & her mother Jaynann Payne enjoyed hearing from Dan Larsen (who inherited the locket with a daguerreotype they think is Joseph Smith Jr. (?)) and Lachlan McKay, who did joint research on the image. Their presentation to the Smith Family documented the extensive process they went through, which was very involved from the past 2 years. There is much more we heard and saw than released to the media. 


This little project Nancy and her mother set out to do in Feb. of this year turned into a 106 page book. Half her family were able to attend the 1st Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family Reunion in 1972. Her mother's Ensign Article and original talk were part of this book, as well as extensive research on Emma by her Great-Granddaughter, Gracia Jones, with rare family photos, stories, and our photos, along with original paintings by Brittany Dangerfield, Kerri Guthrie and Liz Lemon Swindle!